OUR FOCUS:  We are passionately striving to disrupt the “status quo.” Through utilizing premium materials, partnering with exceptional people, and ignoring conventional “wisdom,” we aim to redefine the custom ring buying experience.

OUR MOTIVATION:  The birth of this company stemmed from two frustrations within this segment of the jewelry market. First, we were tired of buying cheap, imported rings of inferior quality. Second, we wanted to offer full customization for the entire ring design, not just a few letters on the inside.

OUR GOAL:  Therefore, we identified two values from which we would not waiver. First, we committed ourselves to only making the highest quality rings. Second, we aim to become the recognized brand in “alternative-metal” ring customization.

OUR RINGS:  Our approach is relatively straight forward. Build a team of talented people, give them the autonomy and resources to explore their creativity. And by adhering to this formula, we believe our rings to be unparalleled within the market.

OUR COMPANY:  We are a small privately owned design studio and manufacturing facility.

OUR LOCATION:  We are located in beautiful Marquette County in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the shores of Lake Superior.

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